Who is a Sleeper Sofa Best for? Picking the Right Sleeper Sofa for You

The notion that sleeper sofas are only for college students and recent graduates with limited space and budgets is antiquated.

  • You have a large house but host over its sleeping capacity several times annually
  • You have a long-term guest for several months that doesn’t have a dedicated bedroom
  • Your children like to have sleepovers and you need extra space to accommodate guests
  • You live in a cramped apartment or dorm room and don’t mind transitioning the sofa into a bed every night

When selecting a new sleeper sofa, it’s important to weigh your needs against what’s available on the market. Here’s everything you need to know about sleeper sofas so that you can pick the best design and style for your home.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

Convertible sleeper sofas fold down via the back to create an apartment surface for sleep. Some models also have a 45-degree angle option that’s for lounging.
Elevator-and-pull sleeper sofas are the most traditional, featuring a classic sofa style with pillows and a frame that pulls up and out of the sofa base.
Daybeds are a simple design, similar to a twin-size bed that sits horizontally along a wall.

Considerations when Buying a Sleeper Sofa

Size will determine how large the sofa is and who can sleep on it. Full- and queen-size are most common, but twin- and king-size may be available.
Construction is key, as it’s important that the sofa has a sturdy frame. The strongest frames will use furniture-grade plywood or solid wood.
Comfort varies by mattress type and cushion fill. Innerspring mattresses are common , but they can be uncomfortable. Look for memory foam or latex options.
Price is up to your budget. Do you host frequently, or is this a sofa that you’ll only use for a year or two in a temporary space, like a dorm room? We recommend investing more money if you plan to have guests stay the night regularly or want to have the piece for more than five years.

Benefits of a Sleeper-Sofa

  • Extra sleeping space to host out-of-state friends and relatives
  • Additional sleeping space for family members if a partner or child gets sick
  • Maximize space in small apartments, living rooms, and bedrooms
  • Updated models can transform into beds with relative ease

Cons of a Sleeper-Sofa

  • Can feel uncomfortable, depending on the mattress and frame used
  • Maintenance and cleaning can be challenging depending on the materials
  • High-quality, attractive sleeper sofas can be costly
  • Can look unattractive
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