Sofa Trends & Sofa Design 2021

Buying a new couch can sometimes be a difficult task, with so many styles, fabrics and colors to choose from. But, thankfully, the process doesn’t need to be a difficult one when you have insider expert knowledge on the biggest sofa trends for 2021 at your fingertips. The overall feeling is that we are becoming less formal and are looking for hardworking sofas that are sumptuous enough to sink into but still look smart; we’re moving away from matching sets and looking to add vibrancy through different shapes, colors, and textures.

Velvet is a strong and popular fabric as we move into 2021, and is now more practical than ever, often featuring easy-clean technology.Color-wise, we’re increasingly looking to nature to inform the narrative, leaning towards inky blues and moss green, while there’s also a return of earthy tones, like beige and rust. When homeowners want to go bold, hues are still warm and inviting, echoing nature’s spices like hot paprika and golden turmeric.

When it comes to details and shapes, modern-retro fluting and glamorous curved lines are de rigueur, while at the opposite end of the scale a raw, organic and unrefined aesthetic is also breaking through.

The Latest Design Trends for Sofas

Well-designed sofas should bring you comfort, joy, and beautiful design while upgrading any room with an eye-catching focal point that will set the tone for your design direction. But what are the latest trends for sofas in 2021 in terms of size, practicality and comfort?

Trends change year in year out, but one thing is for sure: the best ones stay and are constantly renovated. When looking to bring in a new comfy sofa, no matter the room, like any furnishings, you want to make sure that the sofa you choose won’t be out of trend soon, something that can resist the evolution of time. The idea is to choose something modern, unique, and easy to restyle when the time changes.

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